The Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers

The Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers According to a Personal Trainer.

If you happened to read the about me section of my blog, you’ll already know that I’ve tried a lot of the weight loss programs out there.  In my experience, they all work if you stick with them, so it’s really a matter of finding one that works for you- one you can stick to without being miserable in the long run.

I initially tried Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with my first son, to try and get some extra college weight off.  At the time I really liked the flexibility it gave me.  I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted as long as I watched my portions and was mindful of including healthy foods.  I liked the flex points because I could save them and use them for a splurge sometime over the weekend.  I lost weight pretty easily this time around, granted I was young and had a pre-baby body back then.

Weight Watchers is different than a lot of other programs because they seem to change their plan every few years.  When I tried Weight Watchers again more recently I wasn’t crazy about their new program (Smart Points).  It seemed like they were really trying to discourage any type of prepackaged or already prepared food.  It’s not that that’s a bad thing, but if I was just trying to cut out those types of foods I would probably be focusing on clean eating instead of doing Weight Watchers.

I am a busy working mom, I don’t always have time to make my food from scratch, so I needed to be able to have a prepackaged snack (or an iced white chocolate mocha) now and again without using 1/4 to 1/3 of my daily points to do it.  I had to opt out of Weight Watchers pretty quickly on this last go around, but who knows, maybe when they come out with their next version I’ll give them another shot.


  • Counting points is easy to do with their app
  • Many recipe websites ( is my favorite) tell you point values for all of their meals
  • Weight Watchers is pretty flexible since there isn’t a set meal plan to follow
  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • fruits and vegetables are considered “free foods” which is great for getting yourself to eat more fruits and veggies


  • You may need to cut out a lot of your prepackaged snacks and foods (even ones that are low calorie) as their point value can be way more than they would be if you were just counting calories.
  • I found myself being hungry the last time I did Weight Watchers

Have any of you tried Weight Watchers?  What were your thoughts?  I would love to hear them in the comments below! 

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