My Thoughts on The 21 Day Fix (by a personal trainer who doesn’t sell Beach Body)

21 Day Fix Review by a Personal Trainer Who Doesn't Sell Beach Body

The 21 Day Fix is a full meal plan and workout system from Beach Body.  I do not sell Beach Body, but I have enjoyed all of the workout programs I’ve tried from them.  The 21 Day Fix came with a full nutrition and diet framework to follow, in addition to the workouts.

Here are my thoughts on the 21 Day Fix, after having completed it.  The workouts are great.  They are tough, but fun, and they definitely cover all the major muscle groups.  The nutrition/diet guidelines are easy to follow and somewhat flexible.  Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I regularly use all of the products listed below and recommend them because I love them. I purchased this set myself, I was not sent it free for review (and I don’t sell Beach Body), so these are my honest, unbiased opinions.  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below.


The original kit that I purchased came with Shakeology (Beach Body’s “superfood” nutrition shake) in addition to the workouts and everything else, so it really was a great deal.  Please note I bought that bundle online through a coach.  The link I’ve included here does not include the Shakeology, but it is more affordable than the bundle I purchased that came with Shakeology.

However, after I ran out of Shakeology I really wasn’t willing to purchase it again by itself (it’s pretty pricey).  I know some people swear by it, but for me it just tasted like any other nutrition or protein shake.  I know it’s supposed to have a lot of great ingredients that other shakes don’t have, but for me I didn’t feel any different on it.  If I were going to continue the 21 Day Fix after running out of Shakeology (or purchase it without the Shakeology) I would probably just sub in a protein powder.  Even though Shakeology is not actually a protein powder, but a nutrition shake, you would still lose weight this way.  On the plan Shakeology counts as a red container, which is protein, so I personally would have no problem with subbing in any protein powder (I know all the Beach Body coaches out there are shaking their fists at me right now).

In Summary

Anyhow, to continue on, I actually really like the 21 Day Fix system of counting “containers.”  The set comes with a different colored container for each food group (purple is for fruits, yellow for carbs, etc.) and you are allowed a certain number of “containers” per food group each day.  It made tracking my food simple and fun.  I like a good change of pace in my life (hence why I’ve tried so many different diet approaches) so this was something fun and different for me.

I felt good on the 21 Day Fix.  I wasn’t hungry and I could feel that my body was working well on the balanced diet I was eating.  If it’s something that sounds up your alley, the 21 Day Fix is a program I would recommend to anyone.  It’s a great full body approach to health and fitness.  If you know someone who is a coach you can always purchase it through them and you get the added benefits of having someone to hold you accountable.


  • There are a ton of recipes for the 21 Day Fix out there!  Search Pinterest and you’ll find more than you could even have time to look at, let alone make!
  • The system includes a workout program in addition to the nutrition plan so it’s a full approach to health and fitness
  • It’s a nice balance of structure and flexibility as far as what you can eat.  The guidelines make it clear and easy, but you still have a lot of say in what you choose to eat
  • It forces you to eat a balance diet of protein, carbs, and fat that help your body to run at it’s best
  • I was not hungry doing this method


  • It’s moderately pricey, although I do feel it’s a good value for everything it comes with
  • If you want to continue with Shakeology after the first month it is also very pricey
  • There is some planning and food prep involved to make sure you consume the correct number of each of the different colors/containers.  It’s not just a meal plan that you follow (which can be a pro or a con depending on what you prefer).

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