6 Tips for Running in the Heat

Tips for running outdoors in the heat and humidity. Tips for runners, running outdoors in the hot summer months..

The temperature here in upstate New York just went from cold and rainy, to very hot, almost over night.  While I’m not complaining because I’m so ready for summer, the heat and humidity can make running outdoors (which I love to do) a little more challenging.

To be completely honest, I usually give up running outdoors in the hot summer months.  I really enjoy it during the Fall and Spring, but I’m not one for extreme temperatures.  I would prefer to workout out at the gym or in my living room on the really hot days.  However, I know there are plenty of people out there who do workout out outdoors, even in the hot months.  With that said, here are six tips for staying safe while running in the heat and humidity. Read more