February Goals

My February 2017 Mind, Body, Soul (and Blog) Goals.  lemonadeandlunges.com

Does anyone else feel like January just flew by? I mean, I’m not complaining because I detest the cold, never-ending winters here in New York, but man, can it really be February tomorrow?

I have a lot of goals for February.  Probably too many considering we’re going to be out of town visiting family for half of the month!  I’m going to share my February goals here to keep myself accountable, and hopefully provide a little inspiration for some goals of your own.  For additional ideas, read my post about setting SMART goals. Read more

How to Set SMART New Years Resolutions

How to Set SMART New Years Resolutions. A certified personal trainer shares her tips for setting goals that you are more apt to achieve for 2017. At lemonadeandlunges.com

The term “SMART goal” was created in 1981.  It has changed a little since it was first created, but the idea behind it remains the same.  It stands for a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.  I already knew about (and used) SMART goals before I began studying to become a certified personal trainer, but when I read more about them in my coursework I started to see just how powerful SMART goals can be. Read more