My Experience with Nutrisystem

honest and unbiased review of Nutrisystem, writen by a personal trainer

The first time I tried Nutrisystem was a couple years ago when I was trying to prepare for my best friend’s wedding.  I was in the middle of my busy season at work, and I was constantly on the go, driving my son (who has apraxia) to and from his different therapy appointments.  I felt like my biggest challenge with weight loss was having the time to do food prep, so Nutrisystem seemed like a logical option.  Here are my unbiased thoughts on the Nutrisystem program.

There’s no denying that Nutrisystem makes it easy.  Whenever you are hungry, your food is there and ready to be heated up.  That summer, doing Nutrisystem, I was able to get down to my lowest weight to date.  Now keep in mind, just because the food is prepared and easy to grab, doesn’t mean that your self-control issues will be any different.  You still have to have the will power to resist cheating on your meal plan.  Read more