My Experience with the Idealshape Plan and Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes

How I lost 12 pounds in three weeks without being hungry using the Ideal Shape Plan and Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes

I recently purchased the Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes from Ideal Shape.  I had been tracking my calories using My Fitness Pal and I noticed that I was getting almost no iron in my diet.  I was low on a couple other minerals as well, but I was most concerned about iron since it’s an important mineral for your body and it isn’t included in multivitamins.  I was also finding myself really hungry when trying to stick to my calorie goals for the day.  After doing a lot of research, meal replacement shakes seemed like a good solution to both problems and I had heard amazing things about the Ideal Shakes (plus they are really reasonably priced) so I decided to give them a try!  Read more