Free Printable Food Tracker and a Valentine’s Day Workout

Free Valentine's Day Workout.  At home workout, no equiptment needed. Quick workout, 20 minute workout

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I thought I would put together a couple gifts for all of my loyal readers.  I’ve created a free printable food tracker to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals.  I’ve also put together a fun Valentine’s Day workout.  It’s only 20 minutes and requires no equipment, so put on those workout clothes and get your heart rate up! Read more

No Excuses Bodyweight Workout Series

Free 20 Minute Workout Series. At home workouts that don't require any equiptment. A 6 day series from

For those of you who want to get started right away with a workout routine, I’ve created a quick start workout series.  It’s designed to shut down all your excuses.  The workouts are less than 20 minutes a day and they need absolutely no equipment.  You’ll build strength and stamina using your own body weight. Read more