No Excuses Bodyweight Workout Series

Free 20 Minute Workout Series. At home workouts that don't require any equiptment. A 6 day series from

For those of you who want to get started right away with a workout routine, I’ve created a quick start workout series.  It’s designed to shut down all your excuses.  The workouts are less than 20 minutes a day and they need absolutely no equipment.  You’ll build strength and stamina using your own body weight.

If there are any moves that you are unsure of, I encourage you to do a quick YouTube search so you can see the proper way to perform that move.  These workouts will build a solid foundation for you to move onto any other workout program.  There is a different workout for each day of the week, with Sunday being a rest day.  You can repeat these workouts for as many weeks as you would like.

If you are a beginner, take a break whenever you need during the workout!  If you are persistent you’ll notice the workouts getting easier.

Enjoy and reach out if you have any questions!

Body Weight Leg and Cardio Workout. Quick workouts. lemonadeandlunges.comBody weight arm and cardio workout. Workout at home in 20 minutes. Quick workout series. lemonadeandlunges.comQuick Core and Cardio Workout. Bodyweight workouts to do at home.

Quick but effective leg and cardio workout. No equiptment needed. Bodyweight workout you can do at home. lemonadeandlunges.comQuick arm and cardio workout you can do at home, with no equiptment needed. 20 minute at home workout. lemonadeandlunges.comQuick cardio and ab workout. Workout from home with no equiptment needed. Bodyweight workout series from lemonadeandlunges.comDisclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice. Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise or weight loss program.

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