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If you read my About Me page, you’ll remember I mentioned that I have tried just about every respectable diet out there (or at least it feels like I have).  It’s not that none of these programs worked for me, in fact, to tell you the truth they all did when I stuck to them!  It’s that I was on a mission to find the program that worked for me.  There are so many different diet plans and eating “lifestyles” out there.  I have worked my way through several of them during my five year weight loss journey.  I’ll be honest, there were times where I was looking to lose weight as quickly as possible (ahem, think best friend’s wedding, high school reunion, that sort of thing).  But overall, I was trying to find the program that I could stick to long term.

Although I will tell you which program is my personal favorite, here, I am a firm believer that different programs work for different people.  Your needs and likes may be different than mine, so I’ve given you my honest and full review of each of the programs that I have tried so you can read the pros and cons of each yourself.  It’s my hope that these insights will help you make an educated decision on which approach to weight loss might work best for you.

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