6 Tips for Running in the Heat

Tips for running outdoors in the heat and humidity. Tips for runners, running outdoors in the hot summer months..

The temperature here in upstate New York just went from cold and rainy, to very hot, almost over night.  While I’m not complaining because I’m so ready for summer, the heat and humidity can make running outdoors (which I love to do) a little more challenging.

To be completely honest, I usually give up running outdoors in the hot summer months.  I really enjoy it during the Fall and Spring, but I’m not one for extreme temperatures.  I would prefer to workout out at the gym or in my living room on the really hot days.  However, I know there are plenty of people out there who do workout out outdoors, even in the hot months.  With that said, here are six tips for staying safe while running in the heat and humidity. Read more

My Experience with Nutrisystem

honest and unbiased review of Nutrisystem, writen by a personal trainer

The first time I tried Nutrisystem was a couple years ago when I was trying to prepare for my best friend’s wedding.  I was in the middle of my busy season at work, and I was constantly on the go, driving my son (who has apraxia) to and from his different therapy appointments.  I felt like my biggest challenge with weight loss was having the time to do food prep, so Nutrisystem seemed like a logical option.  Here are my unbiased thoughts on the Nutrisystem program.

There’s no denying that Nutrisystem makes it easy.  Whenever you are hungry, your food is there and ready to be heated up.  That summer, doing Nutrisystem, I was able to get down to my lowest weight to date.  Now keep in mind, just because the food is prepared and easy to grab, doesn’t mean that your self-control issues will be any different.  You still have to have the will power to resist cheating on your meal plan.  Read more

5 Free Workouts for Bootcamp Instructors

Free Workouts for Boot Camp Instructors.  60 minute boot camp workouts

Two to three times a week I teach Baby Boot Camp classes (boot camp classes for moms with little ones).  Now since I have a whopping five kids of my own, I am sometimes scrambling to get my workout together at the last minute.  Assuming there are other busy boot camp instructors out there like me, who occasionally find themselves in a pinch, here are 10 free workouts for a full 60 minute boot camp class.  Read more

My Experience with the Idealshape Plan and Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes

How I lost 12 pounds in three weeks without being hungry using the Ideal Shape Plan and Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes

I recently purchased the Ideal Meal Replacement Shakes from Ideal Shape.  I had been tracking my calories using My Fitness Pal and I noticed that I was getting almost no iron in my diet.  I was low on a couple other minerals as well, but I was most concerned about iron since it’s an important mineral for your body and it isn’t included in multivitamins.  I was also finding myself really hungry when trying to stick to my calorie goals for the day.  After doing a lot of research, meal replacement shakes seemed like a good solution to both problems and I had heard amazing things about the Ideal Shakes (plus they are really reasonably priced) so I decided to give them a try!  Read more

4 Yoga Poses for a Good Nights Sleep

4 yoga poses for a better night's sleep. Some of the best yoga poses to do before bed.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a couple months.  Time flies, I don’t feel like it’s been that long!  Things with my family and photography business were just so busy that I had to let go of some responsibilities.  Honestly with being a relatively new, small blog I didn’t know if I even had any “loyal readers” per say, who would notice.  However, I did see a couple comments from some of you who noticed.  Thank you, it was nice to see that I do have some regular readers!

Anyhow, let’s move on to the real topic for this post, 4 yoga poses to help you get ready for a sound nights sleep.  If you’re anything like me, yoga (or anything active) is the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day.  Typically I want to watch t.v. in my bed and move as little as possible once I get the kids to bed.  However, a few gentle yoga poses can be such a great way to calm your mind and stretch out your tight muscles before you go to bed. Read more

Free Printable Food Tracker and a Valentine’s Day Workout

Free Valentine's Day Workout.  At home workout, no equiptment needed. Quick workout, 20 minute workout

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I thought I would put together a couple gifts for all of my loyal readers.  I’ve created a free printable food tracker to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals.  I’ve also put together a fun Valentine’s Day workout.  It’s only 20 minutes and requires no equipment, so put on those workout clothes and get your heart rate up! Read more

21 Ways to Practice Self Care

21 Simple Ideas for Self Care

In my post about the Power Hour Method I talked about why daily self-care is so important, and how you can incorporate it into your busy life.  Here are 21 additional, simple ways that you can practice self-care right now!

As busy women we so often forget to take care of ourselves.  We are so busy taking care of everyone else that we often forget about our own mental and emotional well-being.  Even a small amount of daily self care will lead to a happier, healthier, calmer you.  When you take care of yourself you’ll be a better wife, mother, daughter, employee, and anything else you aspire to be!  Read more

14 Day Body, Mind, and Soul Challenge

Free 14 Day Body, Mind, and Soul Challenge for a stronger, happier, healthier you. More balance, self care, and self love in 2017.

My free 14 day body, mind, and soul challenge is finally finished!  This challenge is intended to jump start your health and fitness goals, and increase your mindfulness and self love.  If one of your goals for the new year was to find more balance and contentment in the every day, this challenge is for you.

I’ve put together quick, but effective, 20 minute workouts that require no equipment.  The challenge also includes daily mind and soul exercises that take only 5-20 minutes to complete.  The mind and soul challenges are intended to help you build a self care routine that will nourish your mind and soul. Read more

February Goals

My February 2017 Mind, Body, Soul (and Blog) Goals.  lemonadeandlunges.com

Does anyone else feel like January just flew by? I mean, I’m not complaining because I detest the cold, never-ending winters here in New York, but man, can it really be February tomorrow?

I have a lot of goals for February.  Probably too many considering we’re going to be out of town visiting family for half of the month!  I’m going to share my February goals here to keep myself accountable, and hopefully provide a little inspiration for some goals of your own.  For additional ideas, read my post about setting SMART goals. Read more